Updated Rare Earths Prices

Rare earths prices, updated at least once a month
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'The Sacrifice Zone': Myanmar bears cost of green energy

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China Export Prohibition of Rare Earth Production Technology & Application Know-How

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12% Decline of Japan Rare Earth Demand

The market development of rare earth in Japan over the past 10 years is somewhat surprising and overall negative, especially for neodymium oxide and NdPr at -17%:
Japan Rare Earth Demand 10 Years
Other rare earths basically includes rare earth fluorides, praseodymium oxide, gadolinium oxide, dysprosium oxide, et al. Mischmetal includes battery grade material.

Mines & Money Rare Earth Outlook

China Net Exports of Steel jump 57.5% in 2021

China Steel 2000-2021a

China's Rare Earth Dominance by James Kennedy

We do not necessarily agree with some contents of parts of the presentation.

China's Dependency on Nonferrous Metal Imports

China Dependency

China's Rare Earth Functional Materials Production 2021

Functional Materials

China Exports of Rare Earth Magnets 2021

China Export Rare Earth Magnets 2021

China Exports of Rare Earth Metals 2021

China RE Metals Export 2021
  • (*) above includes: Rare earth metal, rare earth metal oxide film/yttrium metal compound, praseodymium neodymium alloy, other rare earth metals, scandium-yttrium alloy, mischmetal, scandium-yttrium-aluminum alloy.
  • (**) above includes: Samarium metal, europium metal, scandium metal, other rare earth metals not mixed or fused with each other and lanthanum metal immersed in kerosene.

China Exports of Rare Earth Compounds 2021

China Export RE Compounds 2021
NB: We don't count products with less than 10% of RE contents.
China Export RE Compounds 2021 Groups

China 1st Half 2022 Rare Earth Quota

2022 First Batch Rare Earth Quota

US Dependence on China's Rare Earth

The US dependence on China in rare earth should be viewed in combination with rare earth permanent magnets, particularly neodymium-iron-boron magnets (NdFeB).

While the US are China's second largest export market for NdFeB magnets, in terms of rare earth the US market does not really matter. US-China Rare Earth Dependency
Policy makers in Washington are perhaps surprised, just how far the de-industrialisation of the US has progressed.

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