Monazite is a reddish-brown phosphate mineral containing 35-71% rare-earth oxides. It is one of the main rare earth ores.

Most common is monazite-(Ce), (Ce,La,Nd,Th)PO4, but there are also monazite-(La), (La,Ce,Nd)PO4, monazite-(Nd), (Nd,La,Ce)PO4, and monazite-(Sm), (Sm,Gd,Ce,Th)PO4.
Chinese standards XB/T 104-2000 (mining product) and GB/T 18114.1-2010 (analysis)
Note: Specifications are known to vary, as this is a natural product.

General standard
REO: min. 55%

Typical composition
Total oxide (REO+ThO2): 66.2 %
ThO2: 9.2 %
P2O5: 29.2%
Acid insolubles: 4.0%

Typical rare earth composition
CeO2/REO: 48.5 %
La2O3/REO: 22.5%
Nd2O3/REO: 18.5 %
Pr6O11/REO: 5.6 %
Sm2O3/REO: 2.7 %
Gd2O3 /REO: 1.2 %
Others/REO: 1.0 %

Specific gravity: 5.22
Bulk density: 3,200 - 3,300 kg/m3

Chemical formula:
  • Monazite-(Ce): (Ce,La,Nd,Th,Y)PO4
  • Monazite-(La): (La,Ce,Nd)PO4
  • Monazite-(Nd): (Nd,La,Ce)PO4
CAS No.: 1306‐41‐8
HS-Code: 2612 2000 00
Industrial standard: GB/T 18114.1-2010

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