Ytterbium is contained in monazite as well as in euxenite and xenotime.

Ytterbium oxide is used as a colorant in glass and ceramics, in solar cells, as a dopant in garnet crystals in high-power solid-state lasers, as a dopant for stainless steel and in optical fibers.

Similar to thulium, ytterbium is used in portable x-ray machines where electricity is not available.
Appearance: White solid
Purity: Yb2O3/TREO99.99% as per China industrial standard XB/T 203-2006
Chemical formula: Yb2O3
CAS No.: 1314-37-0
EINECS EC No.: 215-234-0
HS-Code: 2846901970
Industrial standard: XB/T 203-2006

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