Thulium is contained in bastnaezite and monazite.

Thulium is the 2nd rarest of the rare earth elements, next only to Promethium, which has almost vanished from the Earth’s crust.

Because of its scarcity and high price, there are few widely-used Thulium applications. Its current uses are mainly scientific experimentation, and in portable x-ray devices used for areas where electric power is not available.

Thulium emits blue upon excitation, it is used in flat panel screens that depend on bright blue emitters and lasers.
Appearance: Greenish-white solid
Purity: Tm2O3/TREO
99% as per China industrial standard XB/T 202-2010
Chemical formula: Tm2O3
CAS No.: 12036-44-1
EINECS EC No.: 234-851-6
HS-Code: 2846901992
Industrial standard: XB/T 202-2010

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