Neodymium oxide occurs in monazite and bastnaesite. Neodymium is the most abundant of the rare earths after cerium and lanthanum, similar abundance as cobalt, nickel and copper.

Neodymium is essential in the production of the world’s strongest super magnets, which are present in hybrid cars, state-of-the-art wind and tidal turbines, industrial motors, air conditioners, elevators, microphones, loudspeakers, computer hard drives, in-ear headphones, and guitar pick-ups.

When combined with Terbium, or Dysprosium, a Neodymium magnet can withstand the highest temperatures of any magnet, allowing the element to be used in electric cars.

Neodymium has many additional uses. It is utilized in incandescent light bulbs, cathode ray tubes, as a glass filter and colorant, as a doping agent in Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet lasers, and for glare-reduction in rear-view mirrors.

Neodymium oxide is also used in glass (tinting/coloring), sunglasses, protective goggles and enamels. In formulations with barium titanate it is used in multi-layer capacitors essential for electronics.
Appearance: Light blueish-gray solid
Purity: Nd2O3/TREO99.0% , as per China industrial standard GB/T 5240-2015
Grade 041020: 2N
Grade 041030: 3N
Grade 041035: 3N5
Grade 041040: 4N
Test methods: GB/T 14635 and GB/T 18115.9
Chemical formula: Nd2O3
CAS No.: 1313-97-9
EINECS EC No.: 215-14-1
HS-Code: 2846901300
Industrial standard:
GB/T 5240-2015
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