Magnesium metal is produced by reduction of magnesium oxide by a choice of various processes (silicothermic Pidgeon process, Dow process, solid oxide membrane technology). Magnesium oxide is won from magnesite, dolomite, carnallite and brine.

Current world output is ~1.2 million tons.

Magnesium is an important structural metal. It is 1.5 times lighter than aluminum and 4 times lighter than steel.

Magnesium is non-magnetic, has good thermal/electrical conductivity and offers electromagnetic shielding comparable to aluminum.
Light weight parts for vehicles, aerospace, engines.

Important note: Our company does not handle powder, chips or turnings of magnesium. We only offer non-hazardous ingots, rolled or extruded products of magnesium.
Chemical formula: Mg
CAS No.: 7439-95-4
EINECS EC No.: 231-104-6
HS-Code: 81041100
Appearance: Silvery metal

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