China Export Prohibition of Rare Earth Production Technology & Application Know-How

China has been prohibiting and restricting export of China's rare earth production and application know-how since 2001.

The 2008 publication of the revision of the 2001 decree contains two lists, one prohibited technologies and one controlled technologies (subject to permits). There is another list which refers to dual-use products as per international agreements.

Those parts of the that concern rare earths read as follows:

Ministry of Science and Technology Decree No. 12 of 2008"Catalogue of Technologies Prohibited and Restricted for Export from China" (Revised)


Non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry

No.: 053301J
Technical name: Non-ferrous metal metallurgy technology
Control points: ion adsorption type rare earth heap leaching extraction technology and formula

No.: 053302J
Technical name: Rare earth refining, processing and utilization technology
Control points:
  1. Full extraction and continuous separation of rare earth elements and "multi-exit" process and parameters of rare earth extraction
  2. Synthesis process of rare earth extractant
  3. Process technology for extracting single rare earth (purity ≥99%)
  4. Rare Earth Addition Technology of Metal Materials
  5. Production technology of rare earth alloy materials and their products
  6. Process and parameters for extracting rare earth elements from ionic rare earth ores


Number: 053401X
Technical name: heat treatment technology
Control points:
  1. Mold heat treatment technology: (1) Formula of rare earth-boron co-penetrating agent (2) Rare earth-boron co-infiltration treatment process
  2. The formula and process of rare earth, carbon, nitriding and rare earth, carburising

Number: 053707X
Technical name: aviation material production technology
Control points:
  1. Preparation technology of rare earth-containing aluminum-lithium alloy
  2. (1) The type and content of rare earth elements contained and the addition of rare earth elements
There has been an update of the 2008 list in 2020, however, none of the aforementioned was changed.

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Link to the original announcement (in Chinese):
China Technology Export Prohibition and Export Control List (2008)

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