The Rare Earth Observer's Watch List

Last update: June 22, 2021

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Oleniy Ruchey RUS PJSC Acron
Monte Muambe UGA Altona Rare Earths Plc.
La Paz USA American Rare Earth Ltd.
Aksu Diamas TUR N/A
Alces Lake CAN Appia Energy Corp.
Nolans AUS Arafura Resources Ltd.
Koppamurra AUS Australian Rare Earths Ltd.
Dubbo AUS Australian Strategic Metals Ltd.
Puerto Carreno COL Auxico Resources Canada Inc.
Nechalacho Basal CAN Avalon Advanced Materials, Inc.
Clay-Howells CAN N/A
Dory Pond CAN Canada Rare Earth Corp.
Lavergne-Springer CAN N/A
Two Tom CAN Canada Rare Earth Corp.
Bayan Obo CHN China Northern Rare Earth Group
Maoniuping CHN China Southern Rare Earth Group Co., Ltd.
Muluo Zhengjia Liangzi CHN China Southern Rare Earth Group Co., Ltd.
Muluo Diaoloushan CHN China Southern Rare Earth Group Co., Ltd.
Ashram Main CAN Commerce Resources Corp.
Ashram MREO CAN Commerce Resources Corp.
Arques CAN Critical Elements Lithium Corp.
Charley Creek AUS Enova Mining Ltd.
Wicheeda CAN Defense Metals Corp.
Bac Nam Xe VNM N/A
Buckton CAN DNI Metals Inc.
Buckton South CAN DNI Metals Inc.
Eureka NAM E-Tech Metals Ltd.
Cowalinya AUS Emetals Ltd.
Baude Lake CAN Fancamp Exploration Ltd.
Gouin East CAN Fancamp Exploration Ltd.
Mactacquac CAN Fancamp Exploration Ltd.
Kwyjibo CAN Focus Graphite Inc.
Zandkopsdrift ZAF Frontier Rare Earths Ltd.
Glenover ZAF Galileo Resources Plc.
Milo AUS GBM Resources Ltd.
Montviel CAN Geomega Resources Inc.
Kvanefjeld GRL Greenland Minerals Ltd.
Sørensen GRL Greenland Minerals Ltd.
Zone 3 GRL Greenland Minerals Ltd.
Morabisi GUY Greenpower Energy Ltd.
Huaqi CHN Rising Nonferrous Metals Share Co., Ltd.
Yuokeng (Yaotian) CHN Rising Nonferrous Metals Share Co., Ltd.
Kalman AUS Hammer Metals Ltd.
Brockmans AUS Hastings Technology Metals Ltd.
Yangibana AUS Hastings Technology Metals Ltd./Cadence
Kalkaroo AUS Havilah Resources Ltd.
Penco CHL Hochschild Mining Plc
Sarfartoq GRL Hudson Resources Inc.
Crater Lake CAN Imperial Mining Group Ltd.
Blackbird Creek USA N/A
Wicheeda North CAN Marvel Discovery Corp.
Botteng Simboro IDN PT LTJ Global
Pulau Bangka IDN Artisanal mining
Makuutu UGA Ionic Rare Earth Ltd.
Chatrapur IND IREL (India) Ltd.
Minami-Torishima JPN Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation
Ditau BWA Kavango Resources Plc
Eneabba AUS Iluka Resources Ltd.
Wimmera AUS Iluka Resources Ltd.
Khotgor MNG Khotgor Minerals LLC
Mount Clere AUS Krakatoa Resources Ltd.
Norra Kärr SWE Leading Edge Minerals Ltd.
Yeehaw CAN Lithium Corporation
Milenje Hills MWI Lotus Resources Ltd.
Mount Weld CLD AUS Lynas Rare Earths Ltd.
Mount Weld Duncan AUS Lynas Rare Earths Ltd.
Saint Honore CAN Magris Resources Inc. / Niobec Inc
Araxá (Berreiro Carbonatite) BRA MBAC Fertilizer Corp. (Itafos)
Ambato MDG Minbos Resources Ltd.
Minacu BRA Mineração Serra Verde
Shenggongzhai CHN Minmetals Rare Earth Co., Ltd.
Feitian CHN Minmetals Rare Earth Co., Ltd.
Guposhan CHN Minmetals Rare Earth Co., Ltd.
Pang War MMR Various
Songwe Hill MWI Mkango Resources Ltd.
Mushgia Khudag MNG Mongol Gazar LLC (Mongolian Mining Co.)
Mountain Pass USA MP Materials Inc.
Grande-Vallée CAN N/A
Lofdal NAM Namibia Critical Metals Inc.
Otjiwarongo NAM Namibia Critical Metals Inc.
Elk Creek CAN Niocorp Development Ltd.
Eco Ridge CAN N/A
Kutessay II KGZ Neon Mining Company
Mrima Hill KEN N/A
Fort Dauphin MDG QIT Madagascar Minerals (Rio Tinto)
Olserum SWE N/A
Storkwitz GER N/A
Mulanje MWI N/A
Kangankunde MWI Rift Valley Resource Developments Ltd.
Hoidas Lake CAN N/A
Browns Range AUS Northern Minerals Ltd.
Prairie Lake CAN Nuinsco Resources Ltd
Ngualla TZA Peak Resources Ltd.
Longonjo ANG Pensana Plc.
Katete ZWE Premier African Minerals Ltd.
Xiluvo MOZ Promac Lda
Kipawa CAN Quebec Precious Metals Corporation
Gakara BDI Rainbow Rare Earths Ltd.
Bear Lodge USA Rare Element Resources Ltd.
Cummins Range AUS RareX Ltd.
Mount Mansbridge AUS Red Mountain Mining Ltd.
Fens-Field NOR Ree Minerals AS
Tantalus MDG Reenova Investment Holding Ltd.
Tanbreez/Kringlerne GRL Rimbal Pty Ltd.
Huangshi CHN Rising Nonferrous Metals Share Co., Ltd.
Dapu CHN Rising Nonferrous Metals Share Co., Ltd.
Renju CHN Rising Nonferrous Metals Share Co., Ltd.
Port Hope Simpson CAN Search Minerals Inc.
Hedi (Dechang) CHN Shenghe Resources Holding Co., Ltd.
Karnasurt RUS PJSC Solikamsk Magnesium Works
Charlton County (GA) USA Southern Ionics Minerals Inc.
Behemoth AUS Strategic Elements Ltd.
Leviathan AUS Strategic Elements Ltd.
Ditrau ROM Strategic Resources SRL
Round Top USA Texas Mineral Resources Corp.
Steenkampskraal ZAF Steenkampskraal Monazite Mine Pty Ltd.
Tomtor RUS ThreeArc Mining LLC
Strange Lake CAN Torngat Metals Inc.
Bokan Ridge USA Ucore Rare Metals Inc.
Wigu Hill TZA Montero Mining & Exploration Ltd.
Nechalacho Upper CAN Vital Metals Ltd.
Liancheng CHN Xiamen Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd.
Shanghang CHN Xiamen Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd.
Changting CHN Xiamen Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd.
Longyan CHN Xiamen Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd.
Sanming CHN Xiamen Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd.

N.B.: This is a list of rare earth deposits where some form of commercial activity has taken place during the past 10 years, one way or another. The one or the other deposit may not be worth the while, but appears for impossible to achieve completeness sake.

Nothing in this is to suggest, that any of the deposits or companies are worth even a penny, nor does this list lay claim to being complete and completely accurate.

For most of the deposits and companies in the list we have data and documentation, so we have a pretty good idea of the commercial potential.

You are welcome to contacts us with corrections and additions.

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