GITI take initial long position in Geomega

Geomega Resources Inc. (GMA.V) was among the first western rare earth company to realise that recycling of permanent magnets is an effective method of addressing the increasing shortage of permanent magnet rare earth materials. Against many odds, with grit and dedication, the company has been systematically developing its processing and recycling capabilities since 2015.

COVID-19 permitting, the start of pilot-production could still happen in the second half 2021.

We see Geomega as the role model for sustainable rare earth element production outside China.

Apart from recycling, Geomega also own one of the 10 largest rare earth deposits world-wide. Montviel is also the largest rare earth bastnaesite NI43-101 resource in North America. Geomega own the patent for the related metallurgical process since July 2020.

For us these are compelling reasons to take a position and as of April 1, 2021 we are taking an initial long position in GMA.V stock.

[This appears as a matter of disclosure and it is no investment advice. Please do your own due diligence]

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