The Catalogue of China's Export Prohibited and Restricted Technologies

The catalogue contains export prohibitions and restrictions on a number of products and China indigenous technologies, such as the recipe for Chinese calligraphy ink, but also common sense items like endangered species, for example.

Rare earth know-how related prohibitions and restrictions have been in the catalogue for more than 20 years.

The catalogue is split into two parts. Part one contains everything prohibited for export. Part two is about restricted items, i.e. permissible/licensable under certain circumstances.

We list the catalogue content 
exclusively for rare earths and rare earth permanent magnets. For brevity we do not address other metal-related content of the catalogue:

  1. Item 083201J: Production technology of rare earth metals and alloy materials, preparation technology of samarium cobalt [SmCo], neodymium iron boron [NdFeB] and cerium magnets, preparation technology of rare earth calcium oxyborate.


  1. Item 083002X: Preparation technology of rare earth-iron (Tb-Dy-Fe series) super magnetostrictive single crystal materials;
  1. Item 083201X: Mining of rare earths , mineral processing, and smelting technology (except for technologies that have been banned from export), synthesis process and formula of rare earth extractants and rare earth modification and addition technology of metal materials;
  1. Item 083301X: Mould heat treatment technology of rare earth boron, co-infiltration agent formula and are earth-boron co-infiltration treatment process as well as the formula and process of rare earth carbonising, nitriding and rare-earth-carbon co-carburising;
  1. Item 083707X: Preparation technology of aluminum-lithium alloy containing rare earth, type and content of rare earth elements and method of adding rare earth elements;
  1. Item 083801X: Formula and manufacturing process of conductive rare earth aluminum wires;
  1. Item 080901X: Ionic rare earth mining-leaching process.

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