Wealth of experience and entrepreneurship
  • Rare earths marketing
  • Supply chain research and structuring
  • Trade data research
  • Physical distribution
  • Greenfield investment

We advise, liaise & trade
  • GITI provide access to complex rare earth markets
  • Sourcing & distribution of rare earth materials
  • Support for strategic market entry
  • Distribution of niche products such as minor metals
  • Boutique investment in selected niches

Investment strategy
  • Focus area rare earth exploration, production and trade
  • Seed, series A and on-market
  • Ticket size depends on the metrics of the project

Competent, confidential & compliant
  • In our business the quality of our service is as important as are integrity and good faith
  • Compliance with laws, rules and regulations, prudence and mitigation of risk are paramount for us

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