The investment climate for mining, exploration and mineral sands

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China's Old Rare Earth Export Restrictions Under The New Export Control Law

China's new "Export Control Law" may be new, but the export restrictions on rare earth technology are decades old.
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China monthly rare earths exports 2016-2020

China Monthly Rare Earth Exports

China Rare Earths Quota 2020 - The Details

Library with Fascinating Clips about Rare Earths Metals

eight rare earths metals
A variety of clips on YouTube about individual rare earth metals.
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Rare Earths Stocks Performance 2019

2019 performance of listed companies stock involved in rare earths
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Rare Earths prices then and now

Pre-Rare Earths Shock prices and prices end of 2019 send a clear message.
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China Rare Earths Quota 2019 - The Details

2019 Quota
The details of the rare earths output quota by company and province, as published by China's Ministry of Industry & Information Technology (MIIT) Read More…

Updated Rare Earths Prices

Rare earths prices, updated at least once a month
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10 Ways Rare Earth Elements Make Life Better

10 Ways Rare Earth Elements Make Life Better from Science History Institute on Vimeo.

EU Rare Earths Imports 2018

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Japan's Rare Earths Imports 2018

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Malaysia's Rare Earths Exports H1 2019

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Rare Earths: The Hidden Cost to Their Magic

[Illustration by Decue Wu, courtesy of Sarah Lawrence College.]

Rare earth elements are essential to modern life. Luckily the world has plenty of them; unfortunately, getting them out of the ground leaves behind massive environmental damage. Read More…

Rare Earths Metals and the US-China Trade War

As trade tensions between the US and China continue to develop, questions around resource supply are coming to the fore. Once again everyone is talking about Rare Earth Elements and their supply/demand dynamics.

Is China running out of rare earths?

Why do Chinese companies invest in foreign rare earth resources and import rare earth concentrate to China? Read More…

China's Plan for Rare Earths until 2020

Mid October 2016 China's government published an ambitious plan for the development of rare earths until 2020.
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New China Resource Tax Rates

On July 1, 2016, the new resource tax rates came into force, as published on the China State Administration of Taxation on May 9, 2016
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