Europium is most commonly extracted from monazite and bastnasite ores.

Europium is the most reactive of the rare earth elements. It rapidly oxidizes in air: bulk oxidation of a centimeter-sized sample occurs within several days. It resembles calcium in its reaction with water.

Europium oxide is widely used as a red or blue phosphor in television sets and fluorescent lamps, as an activator for yttrium-based phosphors, for manufacturing fluorescent glass and as anti-counterfeiting phosphor in banknotes.
Appearance: White solid
Purity: Eu2O3/TREO 99.99% as per China industrial standard GB/T 3504-2015
Test methods: GB/T 14635 and GB/T 18115.9
Chemical formula: Eu2O3
CAS No.: 1308-96-9
EINECS EC No.: 215-165-6
HS-Code: 2846901400
Industrial standard:
GB/T 3504-2015
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