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January 17, 2023 (#111)

PRC again plays the RE card on Japan; Myanmar border opens; The Swedish spin & other hilarious junior miner nonsense; Marx i/o market: Also EU consultants call for rare earth communism;

January 2, 2023 (#110)

2022 blood letting; Same-old embargo fears; Japan to mine seabed; Kazakhstan seek EU coop in RE; Baowu absorb Sinosteel; NMI's Lofdal PEA; Auxico's trade with CREC; RE price year-end rally

December 19, 2022 (#109)

PRC RE magnet export value jumps 25% yoy; PRC EV makers order ships for boosting exports; Price-standoff; Quest for NdFeB substitutes; EU statistics tortured; Billionaires plough into RE;

December 2, 2022 (#108)
Xi's foe Jiang dies; Iceberg rams AREC; China RE Group sign with Hunan govt; OZ govt pondering keeping China out; Mongolia and Japan agree RE coop; Wyoming invest in REEMF; Neo overstreches?;

November 14, 2022 (#107)
Breakthrough in IAC?; ASM's risk-debacle; Torngat's logistics; Arafura sign Hyundai; LKAB acquire REEtec majority; Harena (IonicRe?) pursue Reenova; FBI pursues Quadrant; Neo's share price plunges;

November 7, 2022 (#106)
Outages in China; Triumph & Terror; Kennedy strikes again; Breton's misrepresentation; A NdFeB super-nova?; Tantalus odyssey continues; Geomega report; Lynas tough quarter; Iluka team up with NTU;

October 25, 2022 (#105)
MOUs and off-takes; China: Zero-COVID continues, carbon-neutral doesn't; Sanctions; Minmetals rename; Malaysia's RE (again); Peak & Shenghe; Rainbow's PEA; Lynas, MP, Neo, Hastings and the lot;

October 3, 2022 (#104)
PRC RE-related output H1 2022 and Quota; The Also-Rans; F-35 production stopped for Chinese SmCo magnets; US/EU-Rare Earth Policy; MP's case; Shenghe investor call; Neo's poison pill;

September 11, 2022 (#103)
Divided States of America; China draught/power crisis hits RE and EV; Oaktree exit rare earth; Neo enter RE mining; Vital's pigs breakfast; Prices bounce back (perhaps);

August 12, 2022 (#102)
Do the US finally get it?; Myanmar: The Sacrifice Zone and who is next: Malaysia; China's RE exports H1 2022; Marvel eject; Lindian settle; Prices keep falling;

July 29, 2022 (#101)
PRC Minster of Industry sacked; China's RE Imports; Energy Fuels respond; Arul & GE get engaged; Turkey's RE hoax; GGG disappoint; Departure at ASM; GKN go NdFeB; Prices head south;

July 11, 2022 (#100)
TREO's 100th issue; Rainbow loosen Gordian Knot; NioCorp's latest FS; Imperial Mining's PEA; No FS from Mkango; Turkey's Bastnaesite; Shenghe's record profits; Prices go flat;

June 29, 2022 (#99)
The Big Picture; More RE Hype; Prime-Cut All-American BS; China orders hapless attack on Western Rare Earth Companies; Lynas, Search Minerals, Energy Fuels, PVW, MP, Iluka and more.

June 8, 2022 (#98)
China Quota Gap explained; REE KPIs for Investment; Xinjiang Lithium; Malaysia IAC Deposits; Indonesia focus on RE; Lynas record result potential; Uganda: Ionic cause landgrab; Endgame strategies;

May 22, 2022 (#97)
Kebaowek vs Vital; Q1 RE-related China output Q1; Car Sales plunge; China Encourages FDI in RE; IREL get Tamil Nadu Licence; The Greenland Case; Neo Report Q1; NioCorp's Rare Earths; Prices bounce.

May 4, 2022 (#96)
Don Quixote; China RE Imports Q1 Drop 30%; Lockdown suffocates RE demand; Metals for Clean Energy; Australia-Canada-US deals; Prices fall;

April 18, 2022 (#95)
Shanghai Infinite Lockdown; Price Conundrum Solved; Japan's Falling RE Demand; EV in Trouble; Iluka Bulldoze Jr Miner Space; Geomega Progress; Myanmar, again; MP Lawsuit; And more.

March 23, 2022 (#94)
Trust is no entitlement; Russia, Ukraine and RE; Capex Dumping is out, Recycling is in; Global RE Summit; Neo's Record Results; LKAB, Mkango, Peak, Ionic, and others.

February 21, 2022 (#93)
China at RE Limits?; Minmetals' Jianghua Open; Shenghe invest in Peak; Steenkampskraal go for IPO; Departures at Ucore's IMC; Hitachi Metals Delay; Jim Kennedy Presents; Quebec supports Geomega;

February 6, 2022 (#92)
On China: RE-Related Output 2021, RE 5-Year Plan, First Half 2022 Quota, 2021 RE Imports & Exports; Funds Flee RE Sector; Murky Quadrant; ASM's Uranium; January RE Stock Performance;

January 23, 2022 (#91)
Black RE-Friday; US RE-Dependency; EU-Commission Goes Nuclear; Apple Buy Rare Earths; Critical Materials Corner; E-Tech De-Risked?; Deposit Flipping; Bitcoin meets Rare Earths?; Ucore, DEFN, et al.

January 5, 2022 (#90)
China Rare Earth Group Details; China's Multi-Agency for RE Resource Leverage; Lynas PDF Approved; 2 New Kids On The Block; No NdFeB for Toyota in Future; IREL under Investigation.

December 23, 2021 (#89)
China Rare Earth Group Established Today; China Import Duty For RE Set to Zero; Rare Earth Boycotter Demoted;

December 16, 2021 (#88)
China Merger Myth; New RE Processing Method; MP's Binding 1,000 t NdFeB Pilot for GM; GM And VAC Sign MOU; Appian Hit A Rock; Defense Contractor Takes Majority Of Jr RE-Miner; Galileo Sell Glenover;

November 26, 2021 (#87)
RE Concentrate Price Up 28% in One Day; NdPr Makers At Half Capacity; China Energy Plan Boosts RE Demand; Myanmar-China Border to Open; Recycling To Grow NdPr Output; Some Annual Reports

November 15, 2021 (#86)
RE-Institutional Investors; COP26: China and US Agree; Greenland culls GGG, Hudson; Update to Limits to Growth; Prices go Galactic;

October 31, 2021 (#85)
Metal Mess; Toothless Attack on MP; Ideology and RE; Recovery Rates; China Data Blackout Looming; Rush for ESG; RE Society Annual Meeting; Erbium Price Jumps on Application in NdFeB;

October 14, 2021 (#84)
Attack on Private Press & Publications; Alleged Junior Miner Fraud; NdYFeB magnets; The 3 Generals; Section 232, DEFARS et al: Cost Competitive?; Daikin Reduce NdFeB Use; Odd Price Rises;

October 5, 2021 (#83)
Again: Only 2 RE Companies Quotas Increase; Hostages Exchanged; China RE-Organisation to ONE Company?; Power-Cuts; Ionic out of Focus; Rainbow Pick K-Tech; Arafura & The Bloomberg Daimler Hoax;

September 19, 2021 (#82)
Resilience of RE Supply Chain; Carbon Neutral Off The Rails; No More Heroes; Stillborn Subsidies; Prices Hold Steady; Tanbreez Revival?; Chinese Rollercoaster;

September 5, 2021 (#81)
Censorship; RE Exports - The Return of Blood; EU Magnet Grandstand; India's Magnets; Future of EV; Neo Comment; ASM's Achilles Heel; OZ Next RE Producer; Pensana's ESG; China RE Shares Nosedive;

August 28, 2021 (#80)
Hallgarten Short MP; USA Rare Earth's Round Flop; China RE Raw Material Imports Up 38%; Lynas Curse; RE Prices Going Sideways; Peak's Dreams; And Other Things

August 19, 2021 (#79)
Mkango Comment; DNI & Sinosteel; Vital Go Heavy; Junior Juniors Hop On Train; Afghan RE Myth; India Explores Arunachal For RE; Healthy Prices

August 8, 2021 (#78)
Runaway Prices; LEM Comment; Energy Fuels Red Numbers; Alaska...; Australia's Opportunities; Mkango Take Back Control; Doubts On MP and Vital; Hastings Tone It Down (a bit);

July 27, 2021 (#77)
RE Media Hype; G20 Talk Green, Invest Brown; Peak: Divine Intervention; Rainbow's Africa Risk; Medallion's Monazite; LEM's PEA; NdPr >US$90/kg, RE Carbonate Doubles, Concentrate Up 15%;

July 19, 2021 (#76)
Again: FT Fall For Rare Earth Falsehood; China RE Subsidies: Quartz Nail It; Rare Earth Prosperity; Licenses in Limbo; Compliance Shortcut; RE Prices Keep Rising;

July 7, 2021 (#75)
RE Prices: Happy Days Are Here Again; Myth Busting: EU 98% RE-China Dependence?; VAC Throw Their Hat in The Ring; Rare Earths Exploration in Laos; Vital Now A RE First In Canada; LEM Report Profit;

June 28, 2021 (#74)
Global Times Get RE Basics Wrong; China Nonferrous Tenders; New Material Scam; Northern Minerals Boardroom Drama;

June 21, 2021 (#73)
We Think It Is The Egg; Outdated Stereotypes; NdPr holds $70/kg; International Energy Agency And Other Wake-Up Calls;

June 13, 2021 (#72)
US Tariffs On China Magnets Possible; Imported Inflation: China Price- And Forex Controls In Full Gear; RE Price Correction Analysis; 3 Ways to Invest in Rare-Earth Stocks?;

May 30, 2021 (#71)
Happy Birthday, TREO!; Rare Earth: White House Takes Fire; Zerohedge Nail It; Ionic's Antics; New RE Listing; Windturbine Price Drop; Magnet Materials Prices Up;

May 19, 2021 (#70)
Pensana Acknowledge Radioactive Materials Issue; REIA Webinar; Prices Weak; Lynas Trouble Continues; Russia Makes Diamonds From REE

May 10, 2021 (#69)
China's RE Exports in April; Rainbow's "O"; WSJ And LCM; LEM's License Trouble; Ucore's Anonymous Client; MP's Q1 Analyst Call; And More

May 2, 2021 (#68)
Hitachi Metals Sold; Lynas' PDF Rejected; More Myanmar; Rainbows Gypsum; RE Prices And Fundamentals Out Of Tune;

April 25, 2021 (#67)
China RE Imports from Myanmar; Jr Miner Challenges Sovereign Government; Pensana Beat Around The Bush; James Kennedy Lobbs Another Bombshell; Hastings Can Save CAPEX; Softer Prices; Shenghe Forecast;

April 18, 2021 (#66)
Semiconductor Shortage To Affect Rare Earth; RE Prices Softer; 5-Year-Plan KPI; Quo Vadis, MP?; Burundi RE Export Suspension; China Q1 2021 RE Exports Are......Just Normal; Russia Advances In RE;

April 8, 2021 (#65)
Antique RE Prices; Current Prices Level Off; Chinalco Pick Up Makutuu; Peak's License Part VI; Q1 Rare Earths Stocks Performance;

April 1, 2021 (#64)
MP Lose Money in 2020: What happened?; Japan's 2020 RE Consumption; RE Prices Weaken Across The Board; Myanmar Fights Near Rare Earth Mines;

March 28, 2021 (#63)
Myanmar Exports Slow As People Are Shot - Massive Rare Earth Shortage Looms; Baotou's Resources; JL Mag's Numbers; Rainbow Put Stakes Up High; Queensland's New Economy Minerals

March 19, 2021 (#62)
Why Do KKR/Apollo/Carlysle/Bain Bid For Hitachi?; BYD Magnet Patent Published; Disastruous China-US Meeting; Vote Of Confidence For Ionic; Pensana Create Quantum Man;

March 14, 2021 (#61)
Follow-up On MIIT Suggestion; Management Changes; Details On Baosteel 29% Concentrate Price Increase; Rare Earth Sandwich; Half-Size Electric Motors

March 5, 2021 (#60)
China Minister Wants Rare Earth Reconciliation - US Still Seek Divorce, But Want Custody; RE Nuke Waste Trap; RE Prices Continue Stellar Voyage

February 26, 2021 (#59)
Global Times Backpedal On Financial Times Rare Earth Boycott Hoax; REO Prices Head For Outer Space; REIA Webinar; China's Foreign M&A Targets;

February 19, 2021 (#58)
China RE Quota Up 20%; Update On RareX-Shenghe; Post-Spring Festival Rare Earth Prices Keep Climbing; US Dependence On China RE At Least 85%; Interdependencies And Flawed Concepts

February 10, 2021 (#57)
EXTRA: RareX And Shenghe Resources (A Non-S.O.E.?)

February 4, 2021 (#56)
US RE Compounds Import Down 46%; Pre-Holiday Prices Stable; Recycling Of RE Gets Big; RE Scare Mongering; The Magic One-Fits-All Process;

January 28, 2021 (#55)
NdPr Prices: Kingsnorth-Line Holds For Now; Demand Growth Outpaces Supply, Replacement To Kick-In; China Fake Certifications; Toxic Secrets; Federal Funding; Greenland Mining License For Orano

January 20, 2021 (#54)
Shenghe Focus On Dominating China RE Imports; Costly Radiation; REO World Market Size Rises to US$ 7.5 Billion; RE Prices Keep Rising;

January 16, 2021 (#53)
EXTRA: MIIT Publishes New Draft For Management Of China's Rare Earth Industry

January 15, 2021 (#52)
NdPr Near 'Glass Ceiling' of $70/kg Ex Works; China RE Exports 2020 Down 23% YoY; Trade Manipulation; Resource Estimates; RE Recycler Walks The Talk;

January 10, 2021: (#51)
SPECIAL: US-China Relations: Past, Present and Future

January 7, 2021:
RE Off China's Negative List; China Digitises RE Industry; Indonesia's Monazite; RE Stock Performance 2020; Top 20 RE Deposits; Potential Production Starts 2021;

December 31, 2020: (#50)
Year End RE Prices; Outlook 2021; Happy New Year!

December 24, 2020: (#49)
High Rare Earth Prices Stable; RareX & Canada Rare Earth; Vital & REEtec; Lynas Grilled In OZ; Rajastan Monazite; Pensana Explore For What?

December 19, 2020: (#48)
RE Prices No Clear Direction; State Reserve Bureau At Work; China Complaints; ISO Standards For RE; India Dysprosium

December 15, 2020: (#47)
RE Prices Deflate a bit; China Rare Earth Holdings; Hints On "14-5"; China Nonferrous Shady Deal;

December 11, 2020: (#46)
NdPr Price Drops; China RE Exports Continue Recovery; RE Stocks Doing Well, Magnet Stocks don't;

December 8, 2020: (#45)
LREE Prices are holding on a high level; HREE prices keep shooting up; Banks Scramble For Anything RE to Hold On To; Heavenly Hastings; Malaysia's Clandestine RE Activities; The Next RE Producer;

December 1, 2020: (#44)
RE Prices: Contraction of Upstream Supply; Peak Play Foul; A Look at Rainbow;

November 27, 2020: (#43)
RE Prices Continue Skyrocketing; RE Seabed Miner To List; EU: RE Activism Devoid Of Results; Fraud Alert: The Rare Earth Vault Is Back!

November 20, 2020: (#42)
MP's Rocky IPO; Update: RE Prices GO BALLISTIC; Sustainable RE, R U Kidding?; First Victim of China's RE Restrictions

November 12, 2020: (#41)
China Monthly RE Exports; China EV Sales Double YOY; Window of Opportunity for Jr RE Miners Opens Wide;

November 9, 2020: (#40)
China RE Results Q1-Q3; RE Prices Rise Strongly; Alternative Magnets;

October 31, 2020: (#39)
China's Internal RE War; Nidec Goes for E-Motor Domination; FT In Disinformation Trap;

October 20, 2020: (#38)
No Forest, Just Lots of Trees; Angola's Swamp; China RE Exports Continue Decline; The New Law Hype: China's Decades Old RE Export Prohibitions & Restrictions; Pakistan Enters RE Arena;

October 13, 2020: (#37)
Japan Hands Magnet Patents To China; China Northern: The Pot Calling The Kettle Black; RE Pollution In China Continues; RE Prices; RE Stock Performance 1-9 2020;

October 11, 2020: (#36)
The Crisis That Isn't; China Green List; Commanding Heights; AREC's Fabulous RE Deposits;

October 2, 2020: (#35)
Reenova Apply Mining License; Another RE Alarm; Another RE Executive Order; Another Stiff Celebration; Bitter Patent Fight; Small RE Companies Get Funding;

September 27, 2020: (#34)
Giant SOE Keeps Polluting while China's Leader Makes Lofty Green Promise at UN; Mysterious Increase of China's RE Reserves; Shenghe's Monazite Gamble; Masked Challenges

September 21, 2020: (#33)
Resource Slavery; China Information Translators; Off-Takes; RE M&A; The Man In The Know;

September 11, 2020: (#32)
Futility Of Boycott; Skewed RE Cost Accounting; More Details On Afrikanda; Polymetal Shares Surge; Siberia's Mining Enigma; Call For RE Restraint From China; Mysterious RE Activities In Malaysia

September 9, 2020: (#31)
Politics Trump Economics; New China Trade Secrets Protection; Flashback; More Love From Russia; Zimtu Zoom Again; Re-invented Wheels;

September 5, 2020: (#30)
10th Anniversary; Bold EU Plan; Papers & Disconnects; RE Stock Performance Jan-Aug 2020

September 2, 2020: (#29)
China Off-The-Books Output; China RE Concentrate Import Booms; A Closer Look at NTU; Cheap Sm May Kill Expensive NdPr; Artificial Intelligence May Kill RE Altogether; RE Prices

August 28, 2020: (#28)
China Shows Its RE Colours; The Cuttoff Story; Capital Raises; Carbon Neutrality; Sm More Magnetic Than Nd; ASM Start Sub-Zero; Northern Minerals Thrown Lifeline;

August 26, 2020: (#27)
EU Overtakes ROW In RE; NdPr Price Swings; China Denials; Malaysia Continues Bickering;

August 20, 2020: (#26)
EXTRA: Shenghe Resources Factory Flooding

August 19, 2020: (#25)
Flooding: China's Shenghe declare Force Majeure; Lynas Capital Raise; More On Decline of China RE Exports; RE Lobbyism Beats Common Sense; Scoop! Adamas Research Strikes Again;

August 14, 2020: (#24)
Myanmar RE Mining Deemed Illegal; The Russians Are Coming; CNBC Feature Geomega; JARE Give Lynas A Break;

August 11, 2020: (#23)
Plan Fulfilment Reigns Supreme; China's Very Own Dependencies; Force-Feeding With Yuan; Controversy, Lobbyism & Other Spins; China Northern H1 Sales Up

August 9, 2020: (#22)
MDL & Talaxis Engage; Lockheed Martin China Exposure; McKinsey EV Disappointment; Hudson Finance Restructure; Guillaume Pitron's Ideas;

August 4, 2020: (#21)
Rare Earths Price Development

August 3, 2020: (#20)
Battle Of Hastings; Ionic Drill; ASM IPO; PRC's Military Comments on RE; Hard Numbers

July 29, 2020: (#19)
RE Politics; Skewed Stats; Lynas Prenup with DoD sealed; Clockwork ARU; Many Cooks;

July 24, 2020: (#18)
RE FUBAR? Here's The Cure; Pentagon RE-marries Lynas-Blue & MP; Apple RE-Use RE; NATO Funds Nano-Cerium; ARU's Hurdle Race; Lynas Output -50%; Pensana Blitz; Vital Sign of Life;

July 21, 2020: (#17)
MP Deal Details; Pensana's Scoop; Lynas Pressured; Altona Stick to Mulanje Massif; Shin-Etsu Exit China; BMW Exit RE;

July 18, 2020: (#16)
The Quota Enigma; Plan-Fulfilment; Embargo Obsession; GMA Go US; MP Go Public; Minmetals Go Stellar; Lynas Taking Heat; Bye Alkane - Hello ASM;

July 15, 2020: (#15)
Minmetals Quirky Numbers; Sc Oversupply Looms; Battery Failure; RE-Automation; The Usual Suspects

July 10, 2020: (#14)
Stock Price Rally in China; Greener Grass; Smuggled monazite; EV shake-out; Washington turning in circles;

July 7, 2020: (#13)
The Nuclear Option; China Regulator Questions IPO; "Made in China 2025" Comeback; PetroChina Rare Earth Catalyst Production Starts; Pensana Debut in London

July 4, 2020: (#12)
Million Dollar China-bashing advice; Radiating Bananas & Nuts; Cold, Hard Numbers;

June 30, 2020: (#11)
Malawi RE Lawsuits; Loss by TREO; Native Title; Disruptive Recycling; RE in Steel; China's all-out RE Application Research; RE & Minor Metals Events

June 26, 2020: (#10)
RE still on China Negative List; EU out of patience; India RE Demand Growth; Ionic Challenge; Rare Earth Assassination Case

June 23, 2020: (#9)
NKorea RE Myth; It is official from WTO: China not a market-economy; Views from Argus and Roskill; SeekingAlpha chips in; RE in Norway;

June 19, 2020: (#8)
Mind Your La-Ce; China Northern seeks external sources; North Korea's Rare Earths; NTU in trouble; RE Infidelity?;

June 16, 2020: (#7)
Bloated PFS; Another CEO resigns; Government Funding; Zoom with Zimtu; Market Assessment from Japan; Message from China;

June 12, 2020: (#6)
REO Prices Rise; Broken Hill a Broken Dream?; Round Top with edges; GMA Patent; Fundraise & Debt Restructure; Uganda Ionic Clay;

June 11, 2020: (#5)
Strategic failures; Trade War Australia-China?; A messy US-China divorce; View from China; US Dependence: Japan is the Key; Rare Earth Nanobrushes;

June 9, 2020: (#4)
Board Shakeups; Ratings; Experts at Work; Mole-bots; Seabed Mining; A Greener Future;

June 5, 2020: (#3)
Offtakes; Dilution for Action; Board Arrivals/Departures; Misunderstandings; Rare Earths in Mushrooms; Long Term Price Trends;

June 3, 2020: (#2)
DoD Phase 1 up in smoke; Regulator Questions; Rising Share Prices; Another Senkaku Incident looming?;Escalated Trade Frictions; Concentrate from Tailings; Neodymium for ArtificiaI Intelligence;

May 29, 2020: (#1)
Pablum and BS, the US faltering, successful separations, bids, more bonds and a new CEO

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